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This Asian Arts Forum is a private forum owned by dedicated to questions and discussions of Chinese and Japanese art and inscriptions, South Asian Art, and Asian Art in general. Visitors will see that the forum is frequented by several knowledgeable scholars, dealers and enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge.

Please note that all comments in postings are the opinion of the author of the posting and that is not responsible for the opinions or evaluations posted on this forum. Further note that requests for valuation may elicit replies, but these are only the opinions of visitors, and the forum is not intended to be a venue for valuing objects.

We also expect all posters to respect the following general rules and procedures: 1) All comments should refer to the subject of postings, not the poster. 2) Personal comments are not tolerated. Stick to the objects being discussed. 3) If you feel a poster is ignoring these two basic rules, please write directly to the moderators via the Private Mail link below.

We validate all postings to prevent spam postings and scurrilous remarks. This will delay the appearance of submitted postings by twelve hours or so, but will keep the board free of Spam and nastiness. Irrelevant or multiple posting will be treated as Spam and deleted. Postings that are inappropriate, of an overly personal nature, or are deemed to be pure nonsense, will not be validated. We used to edit postings for bad language or insults, but this takes too much time. It is much easier for us to just stop validating messages from that poster, and that is what we will do. So don't indulge in personal remarks or nastiness, or you will find that your messages no longer appear on the forum. Validation is at the discretion of the editors and moderators of the forum.

Do not post pictures which are not yours without permission from the copyright holder. It is the responsibility of each poster to make sure you have permission to use any photos you post.

The Message Board is a general forum where you can post messages of interest to other visitors. We have moved the Message Board to this new format from its original cgi form to escape an attack from a multiple spam posting. Postings of a commerical nature are not allowed on the Forum but can usually be posted on the Message Board. Click here for the Message Board

Note that our new forum format not only allows two different viewing styles for messages, but also allows you to upload an image directly from your computer to accompany your posting.

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