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Subject:Japanese or Chinese Porcelain?
Posted By: Ineke Thu, Mar 01, 2018 IP:

I am not sure if this is chinese or Japanse. Can someone tell me what the mark means?

Link :Porcelain

Subject:Re: Japanese or Chinese Porcelain?
Posted By: Martin Michels Fri, Mar 02, 2018

The mark is Tashiro 田代. Made by Tashiro Shoten. This is Japanese Kutani porcelain from the 1930's.

The original name of the company was Tashiroya (variation spelling Tashiro-ya) located in Nagoya and began in 1878 by Tashiro Ichiroji. The company later came to be known as Tashiro Shoten (Tashiro Company) and changed their name to Tashiro & Co. Ltd. Located in Nagoya. The company produced mostly export porcelains, which were hand painted in the Yokohama studio on the blank, but the actual pieces were made in either Arita or Seto. The company stopped production in 1954.


Subject:Re: Japanese or Chinese Porcelain?
Posted By: Ineke Mon, Mar 05, 2018

Thank you Martin, for your reply. I have one more question. We have several more items (12 saucers, 4 cups, two teapots, sugar and milk jar).
Do you know by any change the value of this porcelain? (see also the link, I added some photos. Thank you so much in advance.

Subject:Re: Japanese or Chinese Porcelain?
Posted By: Martin Michels Tue, Mar 06, 2018


Value is always hard to determine by just pictures alone, that's why value is hardly discussed here on the forum. Tashiro is no rare mark, there are still a lot tea sets like this around, so it will go in ten's rather than in hundreds.
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