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Subject:Identify a scrol
Posted By: Mirvel Tue, Mar 13, 2018 IP: 2601:184:c302:3cb4:c

I would greatly appreciate help in translating the scroll's narration and the author's name based on the seal.
Thanks in advance.

Subject:Re: Identify a scrol
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Mar 14, 2018

Pic. 1
Signature reads,
成親王題  - Inscription by Prince Sheng of the First Rank
Title belonged to Yong Xing (永瑆) the 11th son of Emperor Qianlong, famous calligrapher of the Qing Dynasty.
Aixingjuelo Yong Xing  愛新覺羅永瑆 1752-1823
成親王  - Prince Sheng

Signature reads,
長春居士 - Changchun-jushi - Changchun the lay Buddhist
It was the Buddhist name of his grandfather Emperor
Yongzheng 雍正 1723-1735

The upper parts of the inscriptions are missing from the pictures.

Too big names, serious investigation would be needed
to determine if it is genuine.

Subject:Re: Identify a scrol
Posted By: Mirvel Sat, Mar 17, 2018

Thank you very much Nagy for the translation and erudite knowledge of the Chinese imperial history. I remain indebted to you. This scroll was purchased from one of the biggest auction houses in US and I am certain that the scroll is authentic. In the near future, I will place some more photos of scrolls purchasewd from the same source.

Subject:Re: Identify a scrol
Posted By: Spartakos Fri, Mar 23, 2018

Is it possible a big auction house would sell an item without having their experts checking it's authenticity? Certainly an interesting case, will keep an eye for an update.
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