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Subject:Please read text on scroll with cartoons
Posted By: Ger Wed, Apr 11, 2018 IP: 2001:981:8626:1:e535

This is a correction to my previous entry.

Please see this scroll with cartoons.
Described as painted by 古谷倉仙作
I can recognize 古谷 in the top seal.

About the scenes:
What is in the box(?) turned over to the right?
Who are the persons?
To the left they play go. However the other go-bowl is present turned over in the right scene.

A translation would be nice, but if that is not possible please an explanation of the scene.

Subject:Re: Please read text on scroll with cartoons
Posted By: mikeoz Thu, Apr 12, 2018

I think this is a picture of four people playing Go. The pair on the left are deep in thought, but the pair on the right have fallen out. The dark skinned person has overturned the GoBan scattering the stones all over the place. The strange shapes on the base of the GoBan are a quick impression of the four feet, which are shaped like the persimmon fruit. The girl trying to restrain the dark skinned person has lost one of her hair pins.

Should friend I Nagy translate the text we should know more about what went wrong.

Subject:Re: Please read text on scroll with cartoons
Posted By: Ger Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Thanks very much, and yes, I now see that it is an overturned goban indeed. There being 4 pairs of "shapes" representing the legs. Because of her hair I would not have recognized a girl, it looks more like a monkey? Actually the furious player does like a monkey too...

Subject:Re: Please read text on scroll with cartoons
Posted By: Ger Thu, Apr 12, 2018

Finding another painting on the internet that seems to be by the same painter I think the two seals read 古谷 桂翁
The signature next to it: 桂翁
What does this く(?) mean?
However I did not find any more information about this painter, not even the romanization, furutani ?

Subject:Re: Please read text on scroll with cartoons
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Reading and translation of inscriptions,
人生喜怒哀楽  Happiness, anger,grief and joy
(The whole gamut of human feelings)
The idler young fellow says,
That person who is short tempered at qiping game will win or lose a great deal.
(Text is written in Sino-Japanese (Hakubun) style)
Shōwa, Year of Fire-Rabbit (..1927..) at the Beginning of Year, in Age of 92
(1927 is the 2nd Year of Showa era)
桂?人 Kei?jin Signature (I can not read the second character)
古谷 - Furuya - Surname of artist
桂翁 - Keiō (Katsura Tree Old Man) Pseudonym

Unidentifiable artist.
On a Yahoo auction site there is a Picture of Hotei (布袋)with the same signature and seal
commented as "From Unknown Artist"

With regards,

Subject:Re: Please read text on scroll with cartoons
Posted By: Ger Sun, Apr 15, 2018

Thanks very much for your translation.
The intention of the text would likely be that losing your temper causes more losses?

When I put the scroll back into its box I noticed the interior had much to say. Please see attached, to the left the outside, in the middle the inside, to the right the seals. Does it make things clearer as to who painted it?

Would the painting of the same artist you referred to, be the one in the next attachment? There the second character might be better te read?

Kind regards. Ger. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |