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Subject:Please help ID bodhisattva (?) statue
Posted By: Cten Sun, Apr 15, 2018 IP:

Found this nice little brass statue at a Vietnamese bric-a-brac shop. Owner did not know provenance, and I wouldn't know S/SE Asian from Japanese/Chinese. So sorry if wrong category!

I'd like to give it to a friend, and first want to know what/whom it represents. Thought maybe a Medicine Buddha from the pot and leaves, but looks rather feminine.

Can someone please help identify the subject, and possibly country of origin?

Thanks for any help.

Subject:Re: Please help ID bodhisattva (?) statue
Posted By: Henry Wilson Mon, Apr 16, 2018

From my experience I would say that it is definetly not Japanese and probably not Chinese. It looks SE Asian to me, especially the headgear.

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