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Subject:Help dating needlework from silk factory in Zhejiang Province
Posted By: Penney File Thu, May 31, 2018 IP: 2601:151:4680:1671:7

Hello - I acquired the beautiful grayscale needlework shown in the attached photo images. I was told the surrounding text indicated it was made at a Silk factory in Zhejiang Province, but exactly where and when I do not know. The image is of the spire of Baochu Pagoda, Qian Chu, Zhejiang Province, built in 963, reconstructed - shortened - in 1933. It is to the north of the West Lake, atop Precious Stone Hill. It’s narrow base was the likely reason for making it shorter. I am hoping that buildings surrounding the pagoda will hopefully help date the image. Its dimensions are approximately 28 inches x 15 inches, or 71 cm x 38 cm. The needlework is amazing, including the use of shading in the sky to create the appearance of clouds. What looked like wrinkles at first, upon closer examination, was shading of colors in the silk thread. It is a beautiful piece and I hope to learn more about its history and age. Thank you. Namaste.

Subject:Re: Help dating needlework from silk factory in Zhejiang Province
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Jun 03, 2018

Your needlework is a Jacquard or machine-woven picture made by a plant in the Hangzhou area circa the 1930's I believe. The characters at the sides of the picture usually identify the scene as well as the maker. If you can provide better images of those areas, I'll try to read.

Best regards,

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